Our Terms of Service


Our terms-of-service is listed below. Please be sure you read, understand, and then agree to our terms before signing-up for service. We take great pride in our work and in order to keep running smoothly we all must be in agreement to how we operate.




Basic Accounts are FREE. When you open an account you are starting out with a "basic account" which has no fee and no obligation. This enables you to receive our free monthly newsletter. You can always choose a service to use at a later time. Once you choose a service our system will send you a payment link. Selected services do not begin until payment in full has been received.


This is a Monthly Service. When you select and pay for a ListWorker service you agree that it is for one full month of service starting the day AFTER you select and pay for the service. For example, if you select a service on April 2nd then the service will run up to and including May 3rd. If using our delivery boost service then we will have our complete analysis and suggestions back to you during that window of time. If you select our hands-on service (where we do the mitigations for you) then we will have all of the mitigations and whitelisting entries submitted during that month. If you would like us to continue after that month ends you can pay for another month with or without the hands-on service. At the end of the term (one month) you will have the option to renew for another month or exit. If you choose exit then your data will remain avilable for 7 calendar days and after that time it will be securely destroyed. Your account will then return to a "basic account" which enables you to receive our monthly newsletter but there be no further fees due if the account remains in the "basic account" status.


Payment is Required for Desired Service. Once you select the service you need - we require payment in full prior to us doing any work. We often have to pay 3rd parties a fee in order to gain access to their internal systems (ISP's, well-known desktop anti-spam system makers, etc.). Please don't ask us to do work for free. This is a very labor-intensive business which we have to pay for so we ask for payment in order to provide service.


No Warranties of Guarantees. ListWorker cannot provide any guarantees of success when it comes to helping find the issues causing poor deliverability. While we do our absolute best in uncovering even the smallest of issues, we do not know your history, nor do we know the history of your upstream network provider. You may have sent a message sometime in the past that was so harmful and generated so many complaints that the ISP community chose to blackhole you forever. This happens, rarely, but it does happen. Other examples of reasons why we can't guarantee success is if your upstream network provider is hosting a spammer or criminal organization (We can't tell your upstream provider how to behave). If that network provider is causing harm to the public then chances are there are serious blocks on their network which cannot be removed. We will always work hard to find all of the issues causing your delivery issues, and, we will give you the best instructions on how to fix those issues. Regardless, we cannot guarantee that the problems will go away forever or even temporarily.


No Refunds. You agree that there are no refunds offered by ListWorker, with no exceptions. It takes a significant amount of labor hours to investigate your deliverability issues and we also have to pay 3rd parties for access to some specialized systems (for each customer of ours). Those labor hours cost real money and we can not, and will not, won't work for free. The fee you pay for service covers our labor, system, and 3rd party processing costs to search for deliverability issues. If we find no issues (very rare), that's great for you, and it's a good thing. But every search takes labor hours and labor hours cost us $. Therefore, you agree that listWorker does not offer refunds.


No Criminal Activity Allowed. You agree and confirm that you are not running a criminal enterprise or any type of business that is performing any illegal services of any kind. ListWorker will not help criminal enterprises or those involved in illegal activity improve their email delivery. Accounts found to be opened in violation of this specific clause will be turned over to federal and/or state law enforcement.


Please Be Honest. For paid account holders only. We spend a significant amount of time working with ISP's, ESPs, corporate administrators, blacklist owners, etc. to help you with your account. If you don't tell us everything you've done in the past, good or bad, we have a very difficult time reaching a successful outcome. Also, if you are sending a "newsletter" to your customer base and that newsletter is nothing but an advertisement or advertisements for a 3rd party, it's not a newsletter - it's a 3rd party advertisement. It's critical you describe, in detail, what you are doing so we can help you. If we were a doctor and you said you had a headache when really your knee hurt, the outcome would not be too good. The same applies here, please be honest, forthcoming, and detailed with answers to our questions so we can help you. No hidden corners, please!


Non-Disclosure Agreement. You agree not to disclose any information that we provide you except to in-house staff or to your direct vendors. No information (none, of any kind) that we provide you with is allowed to be disclosed to anyone else. Why? Because some of the networks and services we are allowed access to collect very sensitive information on email messages, the senders of those messages, as well as the business sending the message (the detailed information some of these companies keep is jaw-dropping and is required in order to keep a safe and secure worldwide network). The vendors we work with require us to include this clause and require you to agree to it.


Updates to These Terms. We may update these terms from time to time without advance notice. If you have any questions about changes to the terms you may contact us at support@listworker.com. Your message will reach us in both the US and Frankfurt Germany offices.




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